Monday, 28 March 2011

the weekend of march 25th to 27th

met ashim for a drink after work, then met dave in angel, then went with mikey to my old work, distillers not maid of muswell, and got seriously hammered, all courtesy of Aga, the sexy polish manager. so much tequila. so hideously drunk, i kept picking up and swinging round both karina and cazz. ha! woops. oh and took some more of that mind-fuck forget-me mdma.

then saturday woke feeling terrible and tried to bail on my plans (meeting babette to go on the anti-cuts march) but she verbally battered me into unbailing and i spent the morning marching the streets of downtown london with a hideous hangover, mobile alka seltzer in one hand, bottle of coke in the other while loud shouting, whistles, chants and air-horns erupted as the guns of navarone in my head, super-tnt exploding behind my eyes, shuddering 9s on the richter scale wracked my body and wrecked my mind. we ended up in hyde park, listened to a few speeches including ed miliband, then meandered gratefully to a pub in camden, which used to be O-bar but is now some kind of diner/bar with tasty food, comfy seats and an awesomely fit bar girl. popped round briefly to see my little niece, then met owen and zaki and traded babette so that me and owen could go drinking and catch up. i massively bailed on emmas party. she was fine with it but sylvias really annoyed with me for some reason. weirdo.

on sunday i frantically tidied akashs house (where i was staying while he was in brighton) as they arrived unexpectedly early, ate eggs on toast and then headed back to brighton to meet jules who arrived last night. watched the wire, chatted for ages, then slept really badly with busy realistic dreams and woke today feeling shit and wishing it was raining so i didnt have to leave the house.

i had fun.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Alay Lakad 09

the people are behind me, they organised a march in my honour in 2009. i will not let them down